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Default Re: All Scientists on This Forum Please Check in Here!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
If by 'Gale' you are referring to myself, you are wrong. I never used such an analogy regarding a doctor's office. I believe it was superted.

As for hanging up 'anonymous posters' on the forum on scientific matters, again you are wrong. G Alexander is my actual name.

And further you are mistaken on the subject of credentials. Scientists who submit papers on the internet or in relevant scientific journals don't go into exhaustive detail on "where they work; from what college they graduated; their life, their spouse, their children, etc." I don't know where you got this strange idea from?

All this BlueAngel amounts to little more than pointless back chatter.

But then again this is your usual performance.
My post was meant for Ted.

Since it's useless back chatter, I suggest that those on this forum who find it necessary to chatter about me, direct their energy elsewhere.

I was making a point.

People who post on internet forums, do so, most times, anonymously.

Therefore, anyone can claim to be anything because there isn't any way to verify it.
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