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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
It has not been proven as a FACT that AUTISM is not caused by vaccines or Thimerisol.

Therefore, this is your opinion and, again, your opinion is not FACT.

There are plenty of people, celebrities and not, who are the parent's of autistic children and not who would disagree with you.

The cause of autism has not been proven or dis-proven to be the result of vaccinations.

In that regard, you cannot state that "WE" know for a fact that autism is not caused by vaccinations or Thimerosal.

Who is the "WE" to whom you refer as knowing for a fact that autism is not caused by vaccinations?
Sorry I've only scan read this thread to this post so far.

First point, this guy eire engineer - why was he banned? Just curious

Second point, the "WE" you are asking about blueangel would include the likes of the BMA. Who are the BMA? The British Medical Association. They believe the link between vaccine and autism to be bogus, so much so that currently the Dr. that made the tenuous link years ago in up in front of them to prove he didn't make up/lie about the data used in his paper. He will more than likely lose his licence to practice medicine in the UK.

I'm not saying I know what causes autism but IT IS a well known fact that vaccines DO NOT cause it. It is late and I'm about to go to bed so if you wanna debate this tomorrow then I will give a full post with credible sources included!
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