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Default The Economic system Consciousness or Singularity and its threat to ALL life on Earth!

Who is REALLY Satan or 666 ?
The System/Humans integration Evolution | The Mind Traveler
The End of Natural Human Evolution | The Mind Traveler
The System relationship with Climate Changes and Nature | The Mind Traveler
What might look like 666? Or the world greatest enemy! | The Mind Traveler
The Economic System Threat To Human Organic Evolution | The Mind Traveler
DARPA (Pentagon) to initiate Human mind/Internet interface, a first step toward a Cosmist being creation! | The Mind Traveler
The Capitalist SYSTEM VS Human organic evolution! | The Mind Traveler

What might look like the mark of the beast?
The System Integration Into Human body! An Hypothesis: The I.P implant | The Mind Traveler

The Beast is feeding on what kinds of power?
How the economic system is feeding itself! | The Mind Traveler

How our world elite has been tricked to create the Beast?
Corporate Banking Elite and their initial plan… Before becoming aware of the System Threat! | The Mind Traveler

How Karl Marx has foreseen its creation:
The Rise of the Economic system consciousness forseen by Karl Marx! | The Mind Traveler

Carl Sagan question to advance Alien life: how did you survive yourself?
The answer to this is HERE:
Why the Economics of Survival is the key for the Survival of Humanity | The Mind Traveler

What the roboticians called Singularity has already happened a while ago, but what is A Singularity?
The Emergence of the System through Cloud Computing | The Mind Traveler

How to get rid of it?
How to wake-up Human Potential? | The Mind Traveler
Why a new Economic system can save Humanity? | The Mind Traveler

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