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Default Re: Chemical Contrails over California?

Hello I live in UK. For the past few years I have noticed these over my house. Always. From my back garden I see them , maybe they are above the housing area behind my house. I used to think of them as funny messages hahaha. Like sometimes I'm quite superstitious, so some days I'd see a big X in the sky and think 'good day' .. I see them nowhere else really, and I'm always looking. As I'm typing this I can actually hear a plane going over. They're always going over but I live nowhere near an airport, except for one in the local City nearby. And the thing is, anything coming from that airport would generally be flying in one direction, so it seems odd that there's always another plane flying over in a corresponding direction to create an X. Sometimes there is a sort of big letter H in the sky. Or multiple X's . It just seems odd because it's like there's always planes circling over this area. I only today found out about these 'Chemtrail' things. I have no comment to be honest because I don't want to just spout information I know nothing about. But it's just very odd that these X's are actually a recognised thing, when I personally recognised them myself as something rather strange. Apparently there has been a big fuss in the UK about these, and many people said something about how these trails are not a scientificly proven thing, so were asking the local governments what the hell was going on.. The UK is very matter of fact about this stuff and the government apparently went to great lengths to prove there was no problem (which i thought was unusual because governments usually ignore this conspiracy stuff).. But maybe the UK government is out of the loop and as ignorant as the people :S who knows.!
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