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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Interesting, out of the box. Even with mathematics, potential vision and hearing differences between species, one would have the same conclusion of a changing environment/cosmos? I always thought science was strictly relevant to the theory being presented.
In exact science, there is but a handful of highly logical and apparently self-evident axioms and everything else is logically deducted from those few axioms. When aliens start with different axioms their science may appear very different, but it would still just be a different way to describe the same thing.

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
I appreciate your use of the object 'book' to define your pov, but a book isn't unlimited as the theory of relativity. just a thought.
Scientific formulae are nothing but subjective ways to describe objective reality, much like words. The symbols used may be different but (if the science is done correctly) the meaning remains the same.
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