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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

I did learn with years of works that to be a very good scientist you must be humble toward nature and even more humble toward the Universe!
Why is so? Its only because when you see that at every scientific discovery, comes its new set of questions, you understand that the more you discover about the world the less you understand it! Which means that our environment is always becoming weirder as we advance in discoveries!

So for me it leaves A HUGE place for others to share this Universe, as our Universe cannot be dominated by ANY single life forms! It also means that life will ALWAYS find a spot to go and develop! So in my book, life is much less rare than we can observe at this point! We are just so young and so blind as to where to look with which eye...

Its your guess to think that life isn't anywhere to be seen outside bacterias, but this is an arrogant stance which only fearful scientists are comfortable with!
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