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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by Sentrynox View Post
No it won't EVER work like this, as our Universe is Dynamic, and changes every second!
Any advanced science is familiar with those changes.

Originally Posted by Sentrynox View Post
We can hardly feel it here, since our time is relative to our little blue planet, but out there it is a different world that do not settle on anything just yet!
The laws of physics remain the same all over the universe.

Originally Posted by Sentrynox View Post
It is also, why I do not see sciences taking over the Universe, as much as it has overtaken our little blue planet! It will have limited influence over there, and peoples with real intuitions will have more rooms than on here! Anyhow, thats my opinion!
Intuition is emotional and thus irrational. Science is (supposed to be) rational. I fail to see how an irrational understanding of the universe is supposed to be superior to a rational understanding of the universe.
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