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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Maybe "relativity" and "unpredictability" are nothing but man's inability to see the whole picture. Maybe in the future we'll end up with a Newtonian absolute and predictable universe again by adding just extra parameters that are currently unknown. It wouldn't surprise me at all.
I do not think that will be possible! Our Universe is a dynamic one where Huge energetic phenomenons are taking place! Those can change everything around them and the Universe is never in the same state at any time! We might really get confuse but here on Earth we are kind stuck on a close system that might make us feel confident that an order is also governing the Heavens... But thats not the case!

Our perspective is not yet complete enough to really understand what is out there! But hopefully we will see that science won't be capable to grab the complexity of the Universe as much as they were successful grabbing the Earth complexity. Those 2 things are not similar at all!

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