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Default Re: The Theory of Relativity is Wrong.

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
Any advanced science is familiar with those changes.

The laws of physics remain the same all over the universe.

Intuition is emotional and thus irrational. Science is (supposed to be) rational. I fail to see how an irrational understanding of the universe is supposed to be superior to a rational understanding of the universe.
Out of the box, you can assume those things but you haven't been there at all! Scientists do like to believe that they can predict everything happening out there, but its getting less and less true! So your assumptions are based on the fact that YOU believe that we know ALL laws of physics, which isn't true at all! There are phenomenons happening there, that shouldn't even exist!
As for intuitions, you underestimate this very much! Investigators, even doctors are often using their guts feeling to get the job done!! In space, it will be even more so, because you won't have time to elucidate phenomenons before they hit you! So intuitions will replace scientists big time!! Because you won't be capable to afford losing a life because a scientist calculation didn't have time to reveal a threat!

Over there, energy is stored in potentials, and can arise everywhere unexpectedly! Quantum physics is also all over the place, which we do not really understand, and it is why your assumptions that all physical laws are ruling this Universe, do not make much senses! Since we do not even know how Quantum physics is working and even less how its laws interact with the Universe itself, on any scales actually!
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