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Default Re: Invasion of Privacy

Originally Posted by Grim View Post
It doesn't matter.

They have no right do do that stuff.
You're right, however, I was correcting superted wherein he stated that Blake broke the rules and, therefore, it was alright for the school staff to spy on him while he was sleeping; undressing, etc.

Blake didn't break any rules.

The webcam supposedly is for the purpose of locating a stolen computer.

Blake didn't steal a computer.

He failed to pay the insurance on the computer and since school officials knew this, they should have confronted him personally instead of activating the webcam and talking pictures of him undressing; sleeping, etc.

What a bunch of Peeping Tom's.


Obviously, superted believes it's okay to spy on children and take pictures of them while they're undressing because, in his opinion, they broke the rules.

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