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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Come on now Sentrynox, as I've said to others on this forum there's no need to be rude. Can't we have an honest debate without resorting to being rude? There's no need to call me arrogant.

First of all, I never said I believed in only bacteria, just unintelligent life. I really have lots to say on this particular area so I will get back to you on why I believe its unlikely there is intelligent life out there.
First of all, Human intelligence has arisen because of trades! So it makes our specie a trade based intelligence!
Our specie began trading technologies to survive their geographical situation, either by hunting games, harvesting, fishing, cooking and on... Until today, where we have become a global trading specie! So, knowing that our Universe is really well made we can easily assume that our specie won't trade within itself when going outside our little planet! Because while our planet represent a small ecosystem, the Universe do represent a much larger ecosystem! So knowing this, its most evident that we won't have to trade alone in such Universe, and that other trade based intelligences will arise or have already arisen!
You might ask why trade seems so necessary, its because events in our Universe are from another time scale, and this time scale compare to ours on this planet is so huge that the experience necessary to survive it, isn't accessible to a single specie without trades... Because an event that is going to occur, and that did occur only a million years before, we won't have the experience to know how to handle it, unless we have trade such knowledge with a specie having lived through this event a million years before! In other words, our limited life span will force trades among ALL trade based intelligences in order to survive this changing Universe!

It is why, for life to spread, trade based intelligence cannot arise alone! Even on this planet we did have the Neantherdal and two other homos species living at the same time!! So thinking that we will trade alone in this Universe will mean that we are going toward suicide!! So I do not think that we are alone at all! Many are already up there waiting for us to join them in the trades!
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