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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Hold on there Sentrynox, I asked how you knew there was intelligent life, not about trading with intelligent life. If I've understood your post correctly your just assuming intelligent life exists, without a scientific basis for it?

SuperTed, are you in your teens?

Anthropology is A science!! You are asking me about intelligent life equal to us, not equal to an intelligent dolphin living on another planet!
So yes, Humans do indeed have what we call a trade based intelligence that has defined our social traits and even molded our brain over the time!
So based on this, I can say that it is really likely that other trade based intelligences have arisen on other world! I do not base this on astrophysical assumptions but at how likely it is for life to evolve toward a trade base intelligent lifeform!
There is a need for life to complexify itself, and given enough time, life on almost every planet will evolve toward this goal of creating a trade based intelligent being that will reach for the stars to trade and connect with other trade based intelligences!
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