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I figure the War on Islam.. is the war against a religion that forbids the NWO their source of power.. The ability to print money and make loans to governments that cannot live within their budget. The bankers appoint congressmen and senators who will keep on spending more money than is coming in.. That is their job, and to start wars creates the most debt and also the most death and suffering.. A double win for these Satanic bastards.

Every dollar that is loaned to the government is treated as if it is gold reserve, these bankers are able to print up 7 times the amount of the loan though fractional banking practices.. Thus if the interest rate is 5% on the loan.. The bankers get 35% interest..

The problem is that there is no gold, or anything to back these loans except the willingness of the Government to back these loans by force against the public in whom names the these debts are made.. Fiat money, because the government forces us to believe it has real worth.. When it is just paper based on debt.

I am convinced the main reason that the NWO is having a war against Islam is because of their resistance to usury. There will never be peace in this world until the gold standard is reinstated and fractional banking practices cease
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