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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Well Sentrynox I was civil but no you couldn't be, are you so inept at 'trying' to put your point forward that you need to resort to pettiness?

Lets start slow and lets start from the start, I asked;

"Can I ask, what makes you think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?"

Now...hmmm....what was your answer? Well to be perfectly honest I can't tell, your paragraphs of nonsense have thrown me. Just to keep you on the straight and narrow here, I want to know WHY you believe there's intelligent life out there. None of your rambling posts have even hinted how you know there's intelligent life out there. All your theories on trade based lifeforms throughout the all well and good but you need there to be intelligent life for that to work!

Why do I believe that more than likely there is no other intelligent life out there? Well much like your first reply in the this thread;

"Its only because when you see that at every scientific discovery, comes its new set of questions, you understand that the more you discover about the world the less you understand it! Which means that our environment is always becoming weirder as we advance in discoveries!"

When I read this, I thought "this guy's actually on my wavelength". Little did I know your turn out to be a douche. Anyway as a medical scientist I too can't help but be mystified at the human body. The more detail I learn the more it becomes clear that evolution is probably the most amazing force in the universe.

How our blood for example is full of colloid proteins such as albumin and how these proteins enforce Starling's Law but keeping an osmotic force moving against hydrostatic pressure so that tissues can be perfused with nutrients and O2 and waste produces removed. And all this would not function either without the sinusoids of the hepatocytes.

And the above works across all vertebrates! So then comes the remarkable human brain!

Here's a few facts for ya Sentrynox;

1. The universe is 13,730,000,000 years old, humans are 200,000 years old. So that means intelligent life has been in the know universe around 0.001% of that time. The earth is 4,540,000,000 years old, so intelligent life has been on this planet for 0.004% of its life. I would say that's pretty insignificant.

2. Today there are 2,000,000 know species of organisms in the entire world. There's estimated to be 100,000,000 AND that doesn't include extinct organisms!! So let us do some more simple maths, given that this planet is 4,540,000,000 years old, what percentage of its organisms estimated to be alive today are deemed intelligent;


Hmmm...even MORE insignificant number there.

Get where this is going Sentrynox?

3. Our wonderful planet! Not too cold and not too warm! An asteroid knock could very easily make our oceans boil or freeze. The big friendly giant Jupiter makes sure this rarely happens but somehow we've been so lucky to have escaped a major collision in the last 200,000 years.

4. Our planet just so happens to be made up of the right kind of atoms, the right elements in the right quantities. A perfect atmosphere, a perfect size for a perfect gravitational force.

5. Essentially I don't believe there are very many planets out there just like earth, now I don't mean planets roughly the same size, distance from a sun. I mean planets JUST like earth. And if there are....well the origin of life - nobody knows how it started and the theory I believe in is a lightening bolt in the ocean that just so happened to randomly create the first organic matter, along with the first cell membrane. If that theory is correct then the chances of that happening twice are pretty unrealistic BUT I believe it probably has happened in the deepest darkest areas of the universe in strange planets were only thermophiles and such can live. But complex life....hmmm maybe insects....but intelligent life?

You seem to just automatically assume intelligence on other planets....because we are? Not a very intelligent rationale there Sentrynox. The fact we have had a clear spell in earth's history to evolve to this current point is nothing short of a miracle and I believe we won't be here for much longer. We never give it much thought but any year now a huge rock could be on its way to kill all humans on this planet, or even closer to home such as Yellowstone with it's super-volcano.

6. As an atheist I give a pretty good basis for an existence of god! lol

I could string on many more points in a lot more detail to this list but I don't have the time.
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