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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!



"But you must know that life did have helped shape the current geology of our planet:"

So what? Nothing to do with intelligent life outside our planet.


"(virus are most likely from an ET origin)"

Huh? LOL. Please please can you reference this? You say I should look up and read on Symbiogenesis, strange that because at Uni I did a paper on it in my first year. Yea your dead right, bacteria and viruses make up eukaryotic cells. Human mitochondria, the power houses have there own genes, separate from the main nucleus, and they are very similar to bacterial genes, why? Because mitochondria were once bacteria. Same too with green chlorophyll in plants. But to venture that the viral particles came from space???


"My theory is that while we have been born on Earth (from mother Earth), we have been seeded with a Universal agent (Universe is our father), like a very unique virus from outer space having mutated human brain (the last two mutations occur 5000 years ago and 37 000 years ago), which has given us an unlimited creative potential!!"

We're back to this ET virus that I'm pretty sure there's absolutely no proof for! No wonder you couldn't just give me this answer when I first asked for it - cause it's crazy!


"by our dear scientists!!", "Even if they were wrong for so long, they are still right about that assessment!"

You go on about how much of a scientist you are yet your quoting a newspaper (not a peer accessed scientific journal) that is undermining scientists? Contradictory anyone?

Lastly, your introduction of Symbiogenesis is yet another reason why intelligent life outside this planet isn't likely. Mitochondria moving into eukaryotic cells for the first, and last time created complex animals. Can you even imagine that first, and only time that happened! What a momentous occasion and you really think something like that just happens every day in the universe!?
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