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Default Re: Human Civilisation Founded on Slavery?

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Yep, we were founded on slavery and still are! So that everyone is free from slavery, even today, wouldn't we essentially need some kind of worldwide communism? Isn't it the dark secret of a capitalist economy that we need people to suffer in order for the richest to get richer?

But of course a worldwide communist economy would never work (probably works on paper) as we humans are a dark immoral bunch by nature and deep down most of us either want to sponge of the system for free or to have more than everyone else. Slavery/others suffering is almost a prerequisite for mankind to flourish.
But wasn't communism a form of slavery itself superted?

Look how Stalin treated the peasants of Russia who actually formed the majority in the country despite the name Bolshevik literally meaning 'majority'.

He killed most of them off apparently as being a peasant wasn't compatible with the aims of Socialism.

Problem solved.
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