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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Sentrynox, Sentrynox.....SENTRYNOX!!!! lol I would bet money you have some sort of clinical mental illness.

"Ask a microbiologist what he thinks of viruses!"

LOL well I work every summer, easter and xmas with 12 of them. There's no absolutely no proof for a theory that supports ET formation of viruses. Please reference! I've got a feeling that this is totally your deluded opinion. You talk of experience and other nonsense - will experience mean that whatever magic I want to believe to be comes true? Perhaps you've got early onset dementia - it would explain a lot!

"with so little imagination that they couldn't even see how their mother loved them!"

What are you talking about? So your telling me that what I read and understand in the journal Nature is in fact lies and only when I hit the big 40 will I truly understand the scientific world? I think grandpa forgot his medicine again?

"As for the geology of our planet, it is important to know that life has shaped its mineral composition to very high level!"

No Sentrynox - still not relevant.

" If you learn a bit of advance biochemistry"

Strange thing is Sentrynox, I have yet this too has no relevance.

"yes in my opinion and from a scientific point of view intelligent life is very possible outside our little planet"

No Sentrynox it is not the view of the scientific community, just your nursing home community.

So what have I learned from all your ramblings....? Most people might say..."not a thing superted". But no I have realised your whole goofy theory hangs on the assumption that the virus came from outerspace....yet there's not one shred of evidence for this. Now I realise that stating the obvious may piss you off slightly but somebody had to tell you.

BUT let me entertain your madness, IF a virus did originate from another planet then so what? A virus does not constitute an intelligent life form. Let me again draw your attention to the fact that on our planet (which is perfect for raising life and chalk FULL of various viruses of differing shapes and forms) intelligent life only constitutes 0.000001% of life today, and this life has only been on the planet 0.004% of it's life! The numbers speak for themselves Sentrynox.....
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