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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Me, I will bet some money that you are in fact a young teen pasting and copying texts from Wikipedias!!

At least it looks like you can't read much...
I never said that virus were from another planet, I did say that they were to some extent capable to survive space travel and formed inside super nova explosion clouds, which isn't on ANY planet!!
Also I didn't say that this was MY theory, because it isn't a theory, as it is only an Hypothesis that science cannot even come close to put to the test! We are lacking virus fossils records, so we can't trace their origin at all at this point! But astronomic observations have shows that nucleic acids do form inside particle clouds in outer space!

I did publish in Magazine Nature in 2004, and they do not report everything in our research paper, as peer reviews is also used as a censor organ to kill potentially threatening research (threatening to private fundings or other big multinationals), so you will quickly learn that truth in such competitive environment do not travel faster than light... On the contrary!!
At McGill University in Montreal, some microbiologists aren't shy to expose their hypothesis on the Origin of virus, since it doesn't fit the patterns of life creation on our planet!

Also, of course it isn't a consensus from the Scientific community to say that intelligent life do exist! What do you think? You ask me my opinions, and from an anthropological point of view, it does make a lot of senses! But who says that everyone inside the scientific community makes senses? Again so much competitions there, you won't EVER know the real truth from them at least!!
But not knowing this reality, means that you are either in the main stream science, doing your little things, and aren't even close of being in the great leagues of cutting edge science!!

Also, you might have made a paper on Symbiogenesis theory, but what about Endosymbiotism theory?

In Acquiring Genomes: A Theory of the Origins of Species. In this paper, Margulis argued that symbiogenesis is a primary force in evolution. According to her theory, acquisition and accumulation of random mutations are not sufficient to explain how inherited variations occur. Instead, new organelles, bodies, organs, and species arise from symbiogenesis. Margulis is also a pioneer in gaia theory. Along with James Lovelock, Margulis has helped to popularize the concept and give it its modern form. Symbiogenesis theory clearly works well within gaianism, as it stresses the need to look at interactions of populations of organisms at given periods of time. During her talk, Margulis stressed the fact that individuals don't evolve but populations do. Her only qualms with Darwinism was that she believes the diversity of life arose not through competition but through organisms networking with each other.Recent work on the human genome project has certainly added credence to Margulis's claim. During the talk, Dr. Shiva Singh noted that upwards of 41% (now closer to 43%) of the human genome is comprised of viral DNA. Margulis also noted that the human body is not one singular organism. Rather, like the Earth's ecosystem, the human body is a community of life. We have bacteria in our gut and critters on our skin. Without them, we couldn't survive. She noted the case of one individual who lacked the ability to maintain such a balance, and it cost extreme sums of money to keep the person alive before he eventually died.

Seeing this, it takes some huge leap of imagination to see life a UNIQUE force or entity made of billions of different species, complex and simples. So seeing this as a unique force, it can be surmise that this did not arise from here, but was seeded on Earth somehow. As our planet is also member of another ecosystem, called solar system, and that solar system is also member of another ecosystem call Milky way Galaxy!
I doubt you can follow me there, but for me it is obvious that when you consider the fact that weather patterns inside our atmosphere are influenced by the weather inside our solar system (mainly coming from the activity of the sun like particle winds and magnetic storms), we can assume that everything there is also link in some ways but on much larger time scales, which are oblivious to modern scientific observations (because we weren't there at all when it happens).

So thats about it, you might not like it, but this is what I believe!
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