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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Your problem Sentrynox is that you make a sensible statement about one thing and then just pluck random facts out of thin air that are not related and link them together, hoping that everyone just assumes the link is you think we're all stupid?

Case in point;

"So seeing this as a unique force, it can be surmise that this did not arise from here, but was seeded on Earth somehow."

You talk about humans and other complex animals as essentially a group of coexisting smaller single celled or muti-celled organisms, which I would agree with. So that's your sensible statement. Then there's the above quoted drivel. You try to seemlessly link your sensible statement with your opinion (and that's all it is) that life originated from outside Earth. You even go as far to say you can "surmise" this based on the fact it's "a unique force". Your totally talking BS and hoping we just swallow it! Not me chump!

I don't understand your use of scientifically proved data but at the same time rubbish the scientific community whenever they obviously disagree with you. And here's a newsflash gramps, the scientific community aren't some random people that pick and chose what to believe or what is fashionable, but what theory best fits the facts. The scientific community have varied opinions on various topics and I for one have my own thoughts and feelings. I read published scientific papers that follow rules, they try to be unbiased and tell the story in pure facts! I read these facts and I come to MY OWN conclusions. Nobody has told me there isn't much chance of intelligent life you there in the universe, I came to that conclusion myself. The facts I have given out throughout the debate speak for themselves, I don't have to say a thing. Anyone that reads this thread can take the facts I have presented and maybe come up with a different conclusion and that would be great. BUT any opinions need to be backed by fact, otherwise its just BS! And Sentrynox my friend, you are full of it!

EDIT: Can you post a link to your paper published in Nature, I would like to read it. I am very jealous, it is the most prestigious journal in the world!

I do not say that the scientific community disagree with me, I just say that my ideas are too much ahead for any kind of consensus to take place! I do admit of projecting myself into thin air, when it comes to scientific arguments, but the fact is that after so many years, you win an understanding that is difficult to express. So you can do links with things that escape many others! It is what is happening here! I am used about provoking others, its my main fun in science! Without provocation thoughts do not mature and even less evolve!
As for life in general, it has always been link with its ecosystem! No ecosystem no life... Thats simple! So if we link life on Earth as a single living energy (force if you prefer) that we can call Gaia, this Gaia is indeed link with Earth ecosystem (since Earth IS Gaia), so knowing this, and knowing that Earth is indeed part of another ecosystem, we can hardly contest that interrelations are occuring! From there, its kind of a whats come first, the egg or the Chicken! And if you know a bit of Paleontology, you will know that the answer is the Chicken (let me know if I need to explain why it is so)... Therefore the ecosystem of Earth has seeded it with life!
Of course this is an Hypothesis! But it does make sense if you can follow the thread! Life in the Universe is similar to Russian dolls, showing each ecosystem inside another one, until you reach the smallest doll and see a Human in its representation (not cut in half but whole).
If I believe in this to be true, its because every time I use this hypothesis of mine to find answers, it always bounce back at me and verify itself, as this idea often happens to comfort another one, or even help me to find an answer that no other scientists have come with!
Its a little bit like building your own world, your coherent world, when you come to see so many different things, you are kind of becoming capable to simulate almost everything in your mind because everything is coherent! Which for me is enough to convince me that this hypothesis do hold on its own, even if not really tested or measured!

As for my article, I do not have copy of it, but it has been published September 30, page 496. I did work with the best in the world in the field of Paleontology, I have surfed the edge of world discoveries and seen things that no one has ever see! So yes, it has given me some momentum that is hard to follow for some! But for me my ideas kind of live on their owns, so I am content with them!

So for you this might be out of thin air, but when you will gain enough confidence in your perception of life mechanism you will begin to feel it, and feel that it works or not! But this takes long years to build such perception, it is why for you it seems out of thin air, while for me its solid rock!! It makes plain senses! Its like returning a rock on all its angles and be sure of what kind of rock it is... My ideas are the same, I have looked at them from EVERY angles for so many years, that I am convince that they are right, even if hard to refute or even prove!

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