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Default Re: How to find Space Ready life in the Universe!

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Well Sentrynox - so long as YOU believe your story, that's all that matters.

I searched the Nature archive...."Valuable dinosaur fossil may have been crushed in fracas"

That's not a paper Sentrynox, just an article, not really the same. Im sure that time on the cutting edge of science was good...
You want to know why I never publish a "real" paper as you said?
Its because I was working on mass extinctions events (the huge 5 prehistoric ones), and then began to translate my findings with what was happening here, right now on Earth and didn't like it at all!
More species die every year than in every other mass extinction events, and if this trends continue for once, it might just happen that ALL life goes extinct!
So let me know if you really want to read such "paper" and let me know, what is most important in life... To get publish or get a proper perspective of things! I do have lost many friends because of the "article" you have read there! He seems like nothing, but that was HUGE! The dino crush was a Sinosaupteryx Prima of about 2m long with feathers! A missing link between the dino and the birds... That wasn't an happy event at all for science that day!
So you might next time you met someone like me in person, take the time to talk to him in person instead of denigrating them!
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