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Default Re: proof the antichrist is on earth right now

Originally Posted by superted View Post
Call yourself a christian? You are a hate filled person that hides under religion to vent your sick hatred, I think you might need professional help.

If your going to heaven my friend, then who goes to hell?
Vile dogs like yourself, of course.

One of the greatest rewards in Heaven is seeing the unending anguish of persons such as yourself. When we, the Saved, contrast our lives to the unending suffering of persons such as yourselves, The Damned, we can only laugh in joy.
You see, the reason we laugh is because you all thought you were so smart. Oh yes, you knew it all and thought you could flip God off and try to pervert our kids and mock our religion. Only now, when what you said didn't exist comes all too real do you learn to your woe the lie you believed.
People like you mock us on television and attack us every chance you get. You try to force your crap down our throats and celebrate the most disgusting, vile behavior humans are capable of as good. To make it worse, your hypocrites, raving on how your for tolerance and diversity, until we Christians try to spread our faith and protect our culture.
Then you are unmasked as hypocrites. So yes, I will laugh at you as you burn in Hell. I will mock you in your unspeakable suffering as you beg for even the smallest drop of water. The pain and thirst you will experience will be so intense, you will beg me to even SPIT your way. You're pain will know no end as you beg God for annihilation, but to no avail. For eternity you will burn and you will never adapt to it; the pain will only grow worse and worse until you scream your throat raw. Your entrails will be torn out, over and over again, and devoured from your abdomen by the demons.
You can not imagine the agony you will exist with. No words can come close to it. You will beg for death and once you realize you can not die, you will beg for insanity to free you from the horror. But it will never, ever happend. You choose to box with God, but your arms were too short.
Finally, you will look up at us the Saved, and realize what a lie you have lived. No one can nor will be able to help you. Begging for forgiveness will be too late.
In the end, to consternation and wrath, you will hear me. My laughter will reach you in Hell as I mock you for being a fool and remind you of how arrogant you and your Sickular InHumanist were in this life. All the Atheists will curse us and God, but your curses will fall on deaf ears. Only then you will realize your wisdom was the wisdom of a blind, stupid fool.
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