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Default Re: proof the antichrist is on earth right now

Originally Posted by superted View Post
It's not for the non believer to prove anything, it's all on the believer to prove his belief!

BUT I never said I don't 'know' there's not a god, I personally don't 'believe' there's a god. Why? For many many reasons, here's a few points.

1. So many religions and not one clear majority on earth and only one can be how can most of the world be wrong??

2. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Because they do. Why is the sky blue? Because it is. It's called a tautology.

3. Magic doesn't not exist

Neither do you. Atheists don't exist, they only think they do.

4. Most of the big religions are sexist, homophobic, paedophiles, etc.

And so are most of the public too. The only difference is you got an issue with religion, so you use that as an excuse to try to avoid taking it serious.

5. People like yourself are a big reason why there's no god!
So truth is based on not what is real but me? Hey, I love Brother Obama..he must not exist too, huh?
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