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Default Re: Zeitgeist Movie Refuted

I have stated many times, that god's existence, is merely MY interpretation of the BODY of LIFE. We all know that ALL life is connected. Our universe, and even universes beyond, are all ONE part of a body..called life. I choose to call this body...god.

Out of the Box merely pointed out that morals are based on interpretation, as well as social values, virtues, religious affiliations, etc. NOT fact. I don't believe the existence of god was ever in question.

The question...does god exist, is one which has been purely concentrated on the judeo/christian/islamic faith. Which, no question, are based on a deity. Does a deity exist? Of course. There are so many deities. The judo/christian/islamic faiths like to believe the one in which they worship, is the supreme of them all. The sun. Hence, the star of david, the cross. In ancient greece, it was Zues, or Jupiter, our largest planet in the solar system. Individually, they are ALL gods. It is based on interpretation. So, in essence, there is NO question that god exists, for there are many. The question is, do you believe your heart is the supreme god to your body, or even though more powerful, it is only a part of it, and it is YOU, your ENTIRE body, TOGETHER, that makes up....YOU. God.


say it...believe it...for that is truth.
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