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Question Re: Who Is David Icke?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Most of the people around these parts don't read David Icke because he hasn't exposed anything other than the fact that he believes in shape shifting lizards and that these shape shifting lizards are people such as George Bush, Jr., etc.

That is the reason most people don't read whatever it is that David Icke writes.

A very good reason to say the least.
Well, you've clearly read none of Icke's work! He does believe in shape shifting reptiles, ok, odd, but he has his reasons, and he's not alone, many researchers have stumbled across a reptilian theme to the conspiracy, there are so many ancient text and symbolism relating to reptiles. It's plausabe once you've considered the evidence.

But Icke doesn't just bang on about reptiles, he has exposed in detail so many crucial areas of the global conspiracy. He's one step further than most as well in that Icke understands that this is a five sense manipulation. Even the scenery around you now isn't real, we live in a holographic matrix. It sounds extreme and even crazy, but dont just dismiss it without considering the evidence!
Isn't that how you'd want people to react to your ideas? To actually hear them out and consider the evidence before just dismissing it as rubbish.

I've touched upon this 5 sense manipulation in my article consciousness have a look!

Thanks for reading.
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