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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Oh my lord...a doomsayer christian nationalist...oxymoron of the millennia.

There's thousands of dead fish now, no need to wait....has it begun already? lol.

Kerry, do you know the history of the mafia? I bet you don't. Go read a little, and stop listening to uncle Tom...or Sam as you wrongfully assume.
They were a poor, enslaved, embattled people that found ways to take from the market that was otherwise shut out by the aristocrats or governments of their time. Unification with Italy, and prohibition, being highlighted. If you knew the actual history, you would NEVER call the mafia garbage. There are families that have preceded generations, and become a part of the aristocracy themselves, yes, but they are ALWAYS tied to the general population, which almost keeps them frowned upon by true aristocratic families.

Again, it was the MAFIA, that provided soup kitchens to the starving populations during the great depression, not any Uncle. Those uncles couldn't care less of the starving. With your mentality, even the farmers are garbage, because at that time, used to DUMP millions of tonnes of food, while the rest of our country was starving to death. You know nothing of a free market. The MAFIA exists because the aristocracy can't have it all, no matter how hard they try.

Hint, on how to stay away from the mafia. Don't take what's theirs.

There is only one pie in this market. Making more money, means a bigger piece of the pie, which means someone else is losing from their pie. I hardly doubt you will be eating from their plate, unless you're involved in some serious shit. In which case, serves you right. Get a team together ffs.

The mafia takes from the rich and gives opportunity to the poor. Modern day gang of robin hoods. I WISH the mafia controlled this country, coz there wouldn't be ANYONE without work, or ANYONE without a mouthful. Sad, isn't it? The mafia more humane then our own government?

Go do your research, enlighten yourself on where the mafia comes from, and you will see a battle for freedom fought by poor men who were willing to die before anyone took that away from them.

True American Spirit.

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