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Default Re: All Scientists on This Forum Please Check in Here!

I agree Superted. Science is so poorly understood by the general populous, especially those heavily invested in what I call the "Faith based disciplines" (Religious fanatics of all flavors, flat earthers, chiropractors, etc). The only way that they can justify their beliefs is to take an exaggerated view of how science works.

My own field of aviation has a perfect example of the lengths to which people will go to prop up their argument. I often see the Wright Brothers quote "Science theory really held us back. When we just threw out the science and did it our way, the aircraft worked." bandied about as a damnation of science. It couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes, the science of the day was insufficient for the task at hand, and it was that that they threw out. What the Wrights did was create a new science....Aeronautics. They were the first ones to test wing designs in a wind tunnel, the first ones to notice the relationship between airfoil camber, lift, and drag. And, they discovered these things scientifically. Its analogous to Isaac Newton. The mathematics of his day were woefully insufficient to explain the astronomical phenomena that he was working on, so he invented a new mathematics, one which has revolutionized our understanding of the universe in many different disciplines.

Yes, there is a certain amount of speculation involved in the scientific process, but unlike the alternate reality crowd, the investigation does not end there in science.
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