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Default if you add a image from your computer to your post.. this forum hacked it in

internet sites and forums use hacking to see whats in your computer
example.. in some forums when you want to add a image to your
post. a window opends with a BROWSE button
heres the thing.. some sites let you browse your own website
for a image to add. but dont browse your computer for a image to add
and some forums let you browse whats in your computer for a
image to add to your post.. or avator.. whatever.. iff this forum
can let you browse your computer for a image or file to add.
it must have access to your computer. and when your image or
file is added to your post from your computer and not from your
online site.. it had to be uploaded to your post. in other words it
was ileegal access to your computer and files. this is a hack

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