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uncle sam limiting how much food a farmer can grow. to keep prices up and the starving in the world dieing.

the mafia allowed to stay in the usa as long as they have a cbusines and pay tax.

in order for the stock market to stay stable prices have to climb. and not be idle. raising the price for ciggarettes when somone dies from them. this to stables the stock market. the stock market is going to fall sooner or later anyway at this rate. if i was in charge i would cut prices by one third. and after a while the matket will sky rocket because of cheeper prices. and it would improove the econimy. how??. other countrys will say look america sells the same thing we buy from other countrys only cheeper. followed by the other countrys joining in and buying from american stock. the other contrys gain. america gaines. no one looses. and with what the usa gaines can afford to buy from other countrys. where what the usa buys from the countrys that dont cut there price become more of value to the usa that buys it.
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