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Default Re: Aliens May Exist But Contact Would Hurt Humans; Hawkings

I quite like some of Stephen Hawkings theories although I think he's totally wrong about this one.

It's more likely we would attack the aliens than they attack us. We can't last 100 years without a major world war. As a race we are always killing each other over materialistic items, land or for simply dominance over another nation(s).

Hawking makes us sound like we are totally helpless but there is no doubt that few space based nuclear bombs could quite easily destroy an alien mothership regardless of how advanced they are. Unless of course they could phase out of our dimensional reality while the nuclear explosion occurs.

I personally think the reason why no aliens visit us is because Humanity has most likely from the aliens point of view have a historical reputation for extreme violence, greed and cruelty. I think before aliens visit us we need to mature more. We are just seem still too much like educated savages.

I think Stephen Hawking needs to lay off watching all those Hollywood alien sci fi movies that involve aliens killing and/or taking over the earth. It's starting to influence his thinking and not in a good way.
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