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Default Re: Aliens May Exist But Contact Would Hurt Humans; Hawkings

Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
One thing that even a cursory study of history shows, is that when two factions meet for the first time, unless they are reasonably balanced in technology and skill, the weaker society will be wiped out. The chances of any alien society being more advanced AND benevolent seems unlikely, since they will have had to have grown up in competitive conditions just like we have.

I agree that Hawking is probably not the best person to answer a question like that, but that is the wonderful world of science reporting these days. Most science writers don't have a clue as to what they are talking about and are just passing through on their career path.
I have no clue why you are of the opinion that the chances of an "alien" society being more advanced than we are is unlikely.

Care to back up your opinion with "scientific" facts?

Didn't think so.

Because, obviously, scientific facts about aliens do not exist and netiher do any "scientific" facts exist regarding whether or not they are more advanced than we are.

Speculation is all that exists regarding ET's.

If, as you believe, an alien society had to grow up in competitive conditions just as we have, what makes you believe they did not prevail in being more advanced than we are?

P.S. Hawkings is not the best person to answer any question about ET's and neither is anyone else on Planet Earth.


Because there isn't anyone on Planet Earth who knows anything about ET's other than what has been "scientically" speculated which does not include FACT.

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