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Default Re: if you add a image from your computer to your post.. this forum hacked it in

not joking... look what live hotmail is doing now. blocking thousands of accounts because of email hacking.. for example the real problem is a trick that sites are keeping well hiden. like this onme

The problem is not with windows live hotmail or the hacks that invade it
Here is a example of the real problem that is going un noticed
There are some writer sites and forums that allow you to for example to put a picture in your post.
Some of the forums let you browse the contents of your computer for import to the post in your
Forum. Now here is the question. How is this forum able to access your computer to let
You browse your computer for a import. With no questions asked and no id password
To ftp. This looks like to me your computer is breeched illegally I asked one forum
About this and they keep ignoring my questions and change the subject. So what does this mean.
It means thereís a hack that can get into your computer and files. itís a hack because it is done
Without your permission to access your computer. How do they know its your computer.. By
Your email when you join. The same thing can be done to access your email even your passwords
and name.
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