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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
befor the 9/11 attack bin laden kept sending tapes telling america it is going to be attacked the tapes was put on the news for all to see
one of the terrorist who stayed in a motel room that was on one of the plaines.. shows a vedio from a security camera at the airport. that same terrorist got a note with a message from bin laden the note gave the terrorist instructions and told the terrorist to crave death. fbi got the id of all the terrorist. after 9/11 another tape from bin laden shows him pointing to a padge in there qurin where the contents of the page shows the reason for the 9/11 attack. somthing about the towers in the west. this tape was on tv and i saw it. long befor the 9/11 attack alqueda company made a threat of attack on america 1998 i think the year was. bin laden befor and after 9/11 started a fatwah on america for its destruction. and orderd all muslems to jihad. no evedence you say.... the question here is why. not evidence there is plenty of that. does anyone know why?.... then some of you got the nerve to get on your hind legs and say INSIDE JOB. and in view of all the evidence. . how can it be a inside job when the towers was making uncle sam rich and the stock went on a one way trip up. you people dont know what your talking about you know the history but with no common sense.

Your story sounds very nice, but where did you get all that info from? Where's the evidence for those claims? What about the ties between the Bin Laden family, the Bush family and the Saudi royal family? What about the fact that Al Qaeda is created by the CIA? What about the Israeli connection? What about NORAD standing down? Why was the rubble of the WTC destroyed so fast no serious investigation of it could be done? Why about all the evidence that explosives were used in the WTC and who would have the clearances to place such explosives? How did an airplane (or whatever hit the Pentagon) get close enough to slam into one of the most secure buildings in the world (no restricted airspace?!?)? If it was indeed the missing plane that hit the Pentagon, why did it make a turn so it could hit a side of the building that was under construction? Are you aware of the fact that plans to invade Afghanistan already existed prior to 9/11?

The only reasonable explanation for what happened at 9/11 is that it was an inside job. It's nothing but a pretext to start America's Holy war against Islamic radicals because they are among the few to still resist the evil of US hegemony. Al Qaeda is a CIA fabrication. There are no International Muslem Terrorists. There are only Islamic freedom fighters like Hamas and Hezbollah and they operate on a local (national) level to liberate themselves from the racially supremacist apartheid state called Israel.

Also...If you want anyone to take you seriously, please learn how to spell.

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