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my spelling gets by
but i know things befor your time. like from 1938 up.
first the cia has to be into everything for the safty of america.
and that is being used agenst them so anyone can say it was the cia.
then after the first attack on the wtc. security was intensified.
and there was a very compleat investagation on workers and the wtc. so after tyhe first attack on the wtc a fly couldent get by un noticed.
the first attack on the wtc let us know its a prime target to terrorist
and it was not going to happen again. so then they cant get in to plant
bombs. they hijacked jets to fly into the wtc. the cia had somthing to do
with bin laden. but not with the attack on 9/11. and in no way formed
the alquare. the terrorist did that them selves. that includes ayatollakockamaine. and that kadaffy guy. but i know the reason for the
attack on the wtc. the wtc was making enimys of radical terrorist rich. and
america being made there enimy because of that hated america and israel
because israels gain was because of america. and american stock was made
to not know the down direction. which made the enimys of terrorist
nations and islam indipentaint and stronger agenst terrorist countrys.
look at bin laden. he got pissed when america gave israel those missels
so enimy plaines cant attack them. and israel no longer had to do what
they say to not be attacked. not only that israels armed forces were tripeld.
and this cia involvment garbade is just a lie being used at america
when i was small my uncle worked for the gov. i know somthing from
him. its propaganda being used at america. but the main issue here is
hey.. attack us first and you pay.. and i know all about the 1980;s.
and the 1970;s and cuba in case you try to tell me anything there
and ill tell you somthing else.. i never heard of islam befor 9/11
the attack was wrong no mater who was right or wrong. and when we are
attacked first. we will finnish it
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