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Default Re: National ID card and the mark of the beast

Originally Posted by esandrunner View Post
Is the National ID card the first steps towards a cashless society? Is it possible the government will use the National ID card to transform the world to a cashless society? Will this technology take us to the point that a microchip will be placed in the human hand that would identify every human being on the planet? Were no man or woman will be allowed to buy or sell without with out this chip.
The credit card was the first step...brought to you by AMEX, another Shearson-Lehman tool. Very connected to the government and also provided foreign weaponry in exchange for tax credits in the late 80's.

Many people experience a false sense of financial security based upon their credit rating/credit limit. The chip is just a secondary phace for the government to regulate taxation.. I imagine taxes on overdue unpaid credit card the future.
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