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Default Re: All Scientists on This Forum Please Check in Here!

Originally Posted by FallaciesAbound View Post
Need I say more? Yes, there is a certain amount of probability specified in some scientific claims, by necessity. Complex systems, such as the human body, have a tremendous amount of variability in them. This is why one study will show coffee is good for you one week, and bad for you the next. The real problem is how the media reports these claims, jumping on every study before it can be properly verified and vetted.

However, the bulk of science does deal in demonstrable, falsifiable, and undeniable fact. A wing of a given camber will still fail to produce lift if the airspeed drops below a certain point, no matter how you choose to think the science is "made up".

You needn't say anymore.

Oh, dear, I mentioned the word speculation and the definition I posted didn't include that word.

That definitely proves I am wrong.


The definition explained exactly what I stated, IMO, about science.


I made a grave mistake and you caught me on it.

I said I didn't use the word speculation and I did.

Oh, my.

How awful.

I also stated that, IMO, science doesn't deal with fact.

I have bigger fish to fry.

This subject, for me, is closed.


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