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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
if im not thinking the designer of the wtc was Minoru Yamasaki
a jap guy. who got the idea for it in 1945 where it was then proposed in 1946. if he was in one of those camps in ww2 and they let him go in 1945 which is the year all were releast from the camps. do you mean to tell me in one year right out of those camps his idea for the wtc was then proposed in 1946. just like that?. he was never in those camps. why did the us gov spare him from being put in one of those camps.. if i remember right.. and dont forget. i was old enought to understand in 1945. all people that are of japan nationality were put in those vamps.. ALLof them. babys. old men. whole familys. even if they were american citisons. there wasent one person on the streets of jap decent. execpt for Minoru Yamasaki.. find the reason behind that you will see a true coverup.
the question is WHY. there was some jap people in the war as solders then but they inlisted befor 1942 when those camps started. was Minoru Yamasaki one of them Minoru Yamasaki Home Page

Give it up Kerry.

We know who covered up the 911 terrorist attacks.

The same people who covered up JFK's assassination.

Robert Kennedy's assassination.

Martin Luther King's assassination.


Also known as the CIA.


Do you think Muslims are responsible for those killings, too?
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