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Default Re: if you add a image from your computer to your post.. this forum hacked it in

Originally Posted by kerry View Post
ill go in it again
in a forum or any interactive site
if theres a icon to click so you can upload a image from your computer to the site your in
and if there is a button or icon that lets you browse your computer for the image to upload to the site your in
how did the site or forum get access to your computer and files. on your computer to display to you.
without permission to gain access to your computer
and how do they upload from your computer when they dont know what your ftp server is.. if you dont have a ftp server. then they must be using theres.
remote access?.. if they did remote access to your computer. did they ask permission?.
Your problem is not with CC but with the Internet.

We, at CC, cannot help you with that.

Take it up with the Internet Police.
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