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Default Re: Laurence Gardner vs. De Vere. Gardner: NWO Agent Of Subversion?

Ah you see...the essence of it all.

We sin (get nasty at each other)...we ackowledge our sin...and then we are forgiven.

We join the community of sinners. I love it!

What a relief! What a load off the shoulders! To acknowledge no one is perfect and it's inevitable we will sin and be less than perfect.
I like the quotes. Yes. There is a time to acknowledge my common spirit with God but also to be seperate.

To me religion is simple. As you know I like Carl Jung alot. He's stated that the Gods have left the temples and will never return. I could'nt agree more.

The movement now is towards a responsible living of ones life and attention to ones calling. That will be our worship and commerce with God.

There's to much talking and not enough walking as you've said.

The Church has become a regression. A place to feel safe and not take responsability for your life. To simply "follow the rules" instead of owning your unique role in life.

It's going to be a difficult transition. Nothing like a good disaster or two to get us moving and into action.

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