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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
As Springsteen says in one of his songs, the joke's on him and, right now, the joke's on you, Gale, because there was no joke and, as Bono says, YOU GAVE YOURSELF AWAY.


As I said.

Very few people, outside of the business, refer to child pornography as "kiddie porn."

Trust me.

You can take my word for it because my word is as good as GOLD.

There isn't much that I get wrong.

P.S. I said that most people outside of the business do not refer to child pornography as "kiddie porn." I never said that only people in the business refer to child pornography as "kiddie porn."

Please, do not "misquote me" as I will call you on it every time.
So are you accusing me of being involved in the production and distribution of child pornography?

Honestly BlueAngel, I don't know whether you are just delusional or whether you were telling us the truth after all.
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