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Default Re: Does 9/11 Prove US Run by the Mafia?

here is a question that cant be answerd or the answer is known but no one wants to admit it. the question of this thread should say
is the mafia the reason for the great depression in 1937
does anyone know how the mafia got its name.. ill tell you anyway.
in the begining of the mafia there was a lady that had controll on them a femail god father. her name was fia. and was known as the mafias mother, and calld ma fia. if you think im making this up you can do a check with wikipedia or the library. it had its beginings in Sicily now dont forget. i found this out befor you was born. the true information befor it was lost. but i remember it. and it is fact how the mafia got its name.
then allong they come in the computer age and all the things in the past lost which meens was left out or made up as a replacement. how many of you know of or even heard of the manhatten project. the true story. not what you see today.. if you want me to tell you the real story on it let me know. but oh well all you know is whats today now. no need to dig into the past because its all changed for the internets. your loss

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