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Originally Posted by AsylumKnight View Post
Now that I have your attention, It is time to wake up and stop feeding on this information as comfort entertainment. This is not a game and you are either with US or against US. We will not allow anyone to jump ship or silence us.

Audio | Subverted Nation

Bookmark this information NOW, so that when it is removed, you can ask yourselves WHY your free speech is not allowed on a "patriot" forum. Think people, time is running out.
Free speech not allowed?
I have never had problems buddy!
Maybe if it's a violent message then nobody wants to hear it.

Or maybe your explanation is so far out that even the Government Conspirators think it's crazy!

I don't know, but I like most other people, don't like being told what I should or shouldn't do.
I have a brain, I have eyes and ears!
I can make up my own mind, thank you!
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