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Default Re: United States Still A British Colony ???

No, i mean economically.

By any measure of protections...the U.S is the model where there is REAL protection in legislation for personal freedoms and government accountability.

But on a practical level...Oz and the U.K leave the U.S for dead as their is a general public groundswell to back up the individuals who make a stand.

The laws are only as good as when people are people prepared to get cracking to protect them.

On a practical level i see alot of Americans hunkering down with their m-60's and a few marches but their is'nt the level of public outrage over every day disgraces such as the OBSCENE levels of police brutality.

I watched the Alex Jones special on the TORTURE meated out by L.A police on Right To Life protestors. I was gob smacked!

I will tell you NOHOPE...if the police EVER dared to try that one here in Oz and it was caught on camera...look out! There would be public lynchings.

The militarization of the police force here just would not be possible.

As for gun control! us there...what a joke. Howard has had a field day! I'm actually for gun control. Firearm registration. We get a licence for a car so i see no problem. As long as it is in conjunction with a populace who are aware of government excess.

Howard introduces some of the most draconian laws...7 round limits on magazines for handguns! You have to jump through serious hoops here to get a handgun. And i mean serious. But get this...since Howard began to stop what he saw as a gun culture developing the governemnt has granted licences for the first time to "Gun Ranges" where any sap off the street can go and shoot a handgun!!!!! Of ANY type!!!!!! WHAT GIVES!!!!!! Ban guns then put up gun ranges for ANYONE!!!!! Scared of a gun culture? Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now...want a gun? Yeh i'll get you one...Glock, brand new, 14 round magazine with a spare...50 rounds? $1400.

Go to ANY gun club...want a silencer? Want a 14 round magazine? It was NEVER like this but now there is a HUGE black market.

Now any dick on the fringes of criminality are getting guns. Before the crims at least asked what you wanted it for and if any of their associates started getting silly they...TOOK IT OFF THEM! Thats right, even the crims here have standards.

Now it's carte blanche.

Thanx Johnny! The laws have worked real well!

Hey, want an SKK assault rifle? Plenty of those around...a virtual semi auto ak-47. They're everywhere. If you know where to look. The crims have them.

Thanx again Johnny Howard.

I feel much better now.

One more thing...yes, we are a model to some degree. BUT...take your electronic voting. They started pushing it here and EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE of all political persuasions LAUGHED. You have got to be joking was the cry. Polititions of all persuasions were ABSOLOUTLY scathing of the U.S experience.

When has your media showed a dozen politions scoffing at electronic voting?

There is still real freedom here on a practical level.

At least in the U.S you have a slight excuse. They've been at you constantly since that tea and scones party way back and hav'nt let up yet.

I still love what America stands for...if Americans would stand up for it. What a waste of a golden oppurtunity to establish a permenant TRUE Republic for the people and by the people.
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