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Originally Posted by decoded View Post

I am currently working closely with the History Channel in putting together a new show called "Decoded".* We are looking for a male co-host, ages 40-60 for a premium cable show that focuses on American Conspiracies, Mysteries and Secrets.* Our host should be a "believable believer," someone who can challenge traditional scientific and historical methods. This person should bring a fresh perspective to the audience and the team that will allow the series to take unexpected turns i.e. conversations with numerologists, channelers etc. On the other hand, one of the important qualities that he should possess is the ability to not be simply a believer, but also* "speak with mathematical and scientific authority" and be able to converse with other members of the team on their own terms. We are looking for someone* who can convince our more* traditional hosts to rethink their position. He should also be flexible enough to be convinced that he is wrong at times. Finally the host should be smart, playful, a strong communicator and have a good sense of humor.* Advanced Degree a plus.
If you or anoyone you know fits this description and may be interested, please have them contact me as soon as possible.* Also, please feel free to post this on your website or pass this message along to anyone you feel may be appropriate.* Thank you and I hope to hear from you shortly.**

I am*also researching the story of the Spear of Christ, also known as the Spear of Destiny, or the Holy Lance.* I would like to connect with individuals, or groups, that are still looking for the Spear.** I want to find out the latest information on the Spear, its true location and its ultimate mission in today’s world.* I am researching who is still on the quest for the Spear and why.

PLEASE EMAIL with any info.
Thank you again,*
Did someone say Sir Percival? My goodness. Looks like Destiny calls once again. Never get some fool to do the job of a Knight.

By the way, I know the location of the true Spear and I can show you where it is after dinner and wine, Stephanie. I assure you that it does in fact have a purpose and a mission to serve in our Destiny.

Just imagine, Stephanie, we can sip on a chianti, spin some Wagner on the phonograph, dream of years of yore, and I'll tell you riddles and mysteries of the Spear. Would you like to do that, Stephanie? Of course you would..

Stephanie, darling, your worries and concerns and quest for the Spear are like unto the wounds of Kundry. Let me ease this burdon of yours and heal this your Amfortas. For I perceive that you have been on the Quest for many years now.

You know how to contact me when your heart is at last prepared, dear.

Dear, the true (and proper) location of the Spear is in the Grail Temple. Before you can find the Spear, Stephanie, you have to have the opening of the Grail Temple. Do you want to know the mysteries of opening the Grail Temple, Stephanie?

Then call me. For I will answer from the Wild, from the Mountains, from the Dawn o'er the Hills of Spices. For there you will find the Grail Temple and the Spear of Destiny.


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