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Default Re: Wicca: Not the Faery Folk, but the Fatty Folk

This is what the Wiccan Goddess looks like. You'll understand why Wiccans would be bound to such a Goddess, for this is also what a Wiccan looks like. To understand the Wiccan Goddess is to understand Wicca.

1) No facial features. Check.
2) No space between chin, neck, and shoulders. Check.
3) More blubber than the average blue whale. Check.

Somtimes Wiccans worship the Deer Lord too. But he's not as important because he's not really fat enough to be a major player.

Sometimes they worship the Sun too. But I just spoke to the Sun yesterday and he told me that he wished Wiccans would shut up because he thought he got rid of all that nonsense and has been resting peacefully for a long while now and doesn't want to hear all that noise and bad chanting like he had to endure for thousands of years by drunk, stoned Wiccans. He also said that he partially regretted that the burning times had come to an end. Now that all came from Sol, so I think it's worth some consideration.

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