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Default Lol!

The level of foolishness and overall ignorance found on this thread is absolutely mind-blowing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I understand and respect that, but here is mine; this is lunacy. There is no gain to turn people away from God, as God has been making humans money since they appointed him his position as Cosmic Deity Supreme. I suggest anyone with any nuance of intelligence really do some non-quack job, basement, conspiracy and actually do some real research on this. NASA may not be the best, and yes most images they produce are not "True" color. Color is also subjective to the levels of light and the type of eye receiving that light. Colors are produced by gathered data accumulated for years of hard work and dedication. Discovering an ET is not the sole concern of the space program. It is a form of pilgrimage and pioneering that God him self gave us Humans as a gift from him. Kind of like a parent that is about to have a new babies makes a room with toys and a bed and all kinds of fun kid stuff, that is the relationship parallel in correlation with Us, God, and his universe. You and I as measly humans can not perceive of his grand design and plan. But please, cease this disrespect you have for the ones that did the time, went to college and earned the right to study and publicize real discoveries. If you don’t believe man can send satellites into space, man walked on the moon, and there are things in the massive universe like Nebulas, then please go to Google and type in the word “SCIENCE”, and just keep reading and reading and reading until it clicks in your head that the discovery of an infinite universe with a multitude of multi color phenomenon does not in fact discount the existence of God, it more solidifies the evidence of his intelligent design. The truth is stranger the fiction could ever conceive of.
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