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Default NWO International Vote Rigging Watch

In my opinion the NWO is in place in earnest, and practically overtly, with all the vote rigging going on lately.

Starting in the US in 2000 and 2004, there are many other places where elections have been obviously rigged or conducted under very suspicious circumstances.

Hungary 2002 (Vote stealing, intimidation, etc.)

Netherlands 2003 (murder of Pim Fortuyn)

Georgia 2003-2004 (Soros paying the salaries of the entire goverrnment)

Ukraine 2004 (The suspected poisoning of presidential candidate Yushenko)

Australia 2004

Great Britain 2005 (Vote rigging Florida style)

Palestine 2005 (Fatal poisoning of Arafat)

George Soros most definately has been intimately involved in the rigging of several other national elections, by providing vote counting software and hardware, I can't come up with more places. I'm sure you guys can add a few more places and details to the ones mentioned above.

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