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Default Re: Conspiracy of fake space photos ( Virtual Reality Fraud )

You started the 'trolling' with the opening line in your very first post.

Your not a christian yet you believe in a supreme being....that you coincidently call 'God'...of all the names you could pick for your own made up deity! Are you one of these people that picks all the parts of christianity that you like, believe the easy parts and hope you have a place in what.....? some sort of heaven? That's pathetic to be honest.

I just think people like you are so disappointed with their life they need to believe in god just to get through the day. Life is what it is, your born, you make the most of a bad situation and you die - that's it!

I think it's funny when people like yourself go on that I'll be lonely at the end....really? If anything I think you lot will be a lot more anxious, you might go to hell after all! lol Also at the end of my life, I know I will have made the most of it, lived every second of it because I know I only have one chance to make the most of it!
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