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Originally Posted by The Poet View Post
Hello, my name is AzureCherub. I was cruising the Internet and I came upon this sight and just HAD to register.
I got real mad when that idiot The Poet called BlueAngel crazy. She is totally right..the same thing happend to me with Elvis. I am so glad that bastard is dead, he was a major pervert and like he came after me when I was like 13.
I went to a concert he was playing, and he picked me to see him after the show. At first I was really excited until the creep drugged me. I woke up and he was like doig so many gross things to me.
Since then I have been blackmailed by his daughter to keep silent. But I can;t anymore..Presilla Presley, you are sooooo wrong.
I also was abducted by aliens and one of them impregnated me! Not all aliens are the Grey type, this one was one of those Nordic type. He hypnotized me and raped me! Then I had the extraterrestrial creeps child! I love her, but it bothers me that her father is an alien. I know how blueAngel feels..No one will believe me!
Take your childish and idotic behavior elsewhere.

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