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Talking Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

Originally Posted by rushdoony View Post
Full Paper:


The following issues raise red flags as to the integrity of the dinosaur industry and cast doubts as to whether dinosaurs ever existed.

1. Nature of dinosaur discoveries - only within the last 150 years and in huge unusual concentrated quantities going against the laws of nature and probability.

2. Nature of dinosaur discoverers and excavators - not by (initially) disinterested parties. When discovered by parties without a vested interest, they need to be told by dinosaur experts that they are dinosaur bones.

3. Nature of public display preparation - integrity and source of fossils - possible tampering and bone substitution and possible fraudulent activities on a massive scale.

4. Existing artistic drawings and public exhibits showing off-balance and awkward postures that basic physics would rule out as being possible.

5. Very low odds of all these dinosaur bones being fossilized but not the bones of other animals.

6. Implications of dinosaur discoveries to the theory of evolution and the belief that man was created in God's image, suggesting possible hidden and subtle political or religious agendas served on a naive and unsuspecting public.

7. A lack of organizations and people questioning or being skeptical of each and every discovery and public display. Dinosaurs are popular.
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