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Default Re: proof the antichrist is on earth right now

in the bible/buybull(buy bullshit) new testament/test...amen...t(test a man to the cross, amen)

1 John 4:3
And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus(my older brother), is not of God/them: and this is Antichrist(me), of whom you have heard that he(i) cometh, and he(i) is/am now already in the world/mind(your mind).

it allso says his(my) number/initials is 666/ggg as everyone knows
and that its the number/initials of a man.

nostrodamus/no-str-o-dam-us(no strength oh damn us) says that his name begins with
ho/oh han/nah or da/road ggg 1:3 and i named him after a street, the road he was created on. -secret book of the universe, the "?"(/the holy questionmark)

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